Welcome to
Mass Energy Lab Insulation.

We are multi-award-winning Massachusetts home insulation professionals.

We want to make your home:

A safe haven from winter winds and the summer sun with custom-fit insulation solutions for your home, all while providing you with a seamless install. 

We’re known as:

The award winning Massachusetts Home Insulation Company without pushy salespeople.

When you work with us:

You get assigned your Insulation Project Manager. Our Insulation Project Managers have years of residential construction management experience. They design your custom insulation project with you and provide pricing with different options. They also manage your home insulation project from start to finish. You work with the same person through the entire process for continuity so there’s no confusion. After all, it’s all about those little details. Cover that treadmill or seal around that particular drafty door where my daughter plays the piano.  

They’re supported by little “ninjas” on the back end called Catalysts. Also super organized and proactive, with years of construction experience. Your catalyst will make things happen for you…seamlessly. 


Who we are:

We are craftsmen, engineers, building scientists, estimators, architects, construction managers and insulation geeks working together to design and install custom insulation solutions for your home projects.

We absolutely love insulating homes, and the passion we have for our work and our customers shows through in everything we do. We have even won multiple awards, thanks to the wonderful people who have allowed us into their homes.

There is something more important to us than job titles or awards. We want our customers to be happy with every interaction. We understand that what matters most to homeowners is working with knowledgeable professionals who will:

  • Be easy to work with
  • On time and on target with their work and their budget
  • Treat you and your home with kindness and respect
  • Provide a high-quality, professional service from start to finish
  • Explain what we do and involve you in the decision-making process

Our customers are the most important part of our business. At every step of the journey, we make things as easy for you as possible. We understand the headaches that often go along with home building and renovations, and we want to make those a thing of the past when you work with us.

We absolutely love insulating homes and are recent winners of the 2017 Best of Houzz Service Award, 2017 Better Business Bureau Award for Customer Service, MassHighTech’s Hottest Companies to Watch and HomeAdvisor.com Elite Service & Top Rated Service Awards.

All thanks to our wonderful clients that allow us to work on their homes!

What we do + Why Choose us.

We are full service home insulation company. We’re outcome focused. We don’t just install insulation or ventilation in homes. We utilize insulation and ventilation as solution to a problem. We focus on your problem first, then we use insulation and ventilation to solve it. So we’re not just a home insulation company, we’re problem solvers.

You have a lot of options to choose from when insulating your home, and we know that. That’s why we choose to go far beyond what other installers do. Everything we do is custom to your home and your needs. In every Mass Energy Lab Insulation Estimate, we run a detailed safety checklist to really understand your home and see what insulation type would be best for your home. 

After that, we’re product-agnostic. We choose from more than 10 home insulation types to offer you the best possible option(s) for your home. Then it’s up to you, we don’t pressure you at all and you can take your time and get back to us anytime. 

We are about insulation solutions, custom designed specifically for your home. Instead, we inspect every part of your home, inform you about its current insulation status, and offer a range of service options and prices. We explain which options will have the most impact on the comfort and operating costs of your home. We can insulate any part of your home, from attics to basements and everything in between. If you have special requests, such as allergy or eco-friendly insulation types, we make that happen for you.

What we offer is much more than just insulation. We give you assurance and peace-of-mind. No matter what the weather is like outside, your home will be comfortable. You will receive energy bills that don’t look like telephone numbers. And you’ll never have to wear a coat in your home again.

How we work.

Of course we want you to love the results of our work. But for us, that’s not enough. We also want to change your idea of what it’s like to work with home contractors. You should be satisfied with every step, from first to last. So before you ever call us, we want to tell about how we approach our work to make every install a seamless install…for you. 

Getting Started

• Call us or fill out our quick project form. We’ll make an appointment that fits YOUR schedule to conduct a detailed needs and safety assessment. The assessment typically takes around 30 minutes.

• For small jobs, we provide an on-the-spot proposal. This covers various price ranges and service options. For more complex jobs, we will email you a proposal within 24 hours.

• We allow you to make your decision without any sales pressure. We understand that you need time to make an informed decision. If you decide to work with us, we can set a date to get started.

Working In Your Home

•  The day before we’re scheduled to work, we’ll send you a reminder, then another on the scheduled morning when we’re on the way. We’ll never tell you “Sometime between 8:00 and 4:00”.  Your time is valuable, and you deserve to know when we’re going to arrive.

• When we arrive, our project manager will greet you and explain what we’ll be doing. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask your project manager or any of our other team members. We take pride in answering questions and building relationships with our customers.

• Our behavior in your home is guided by one principle: Respect.
You have allowed us into your home to do our work, and at all times we treat you, your home, and your family with respect and kindness. That’s a part of our job as much as anything else we do.

Safety and Preparation

• Our first step is to protect your home, family, and belongings. We use protective barriers to make sure that no insulation materials, new or old, will find their way anywhere except when we place them. You can see a video example of the barrier in place here.

• If we install spray foam insulation, we first install a vapor barrier to protect you and your family from the off-gassing that can occur during the spraying and curing process. You can see the installation of that vapor barrier here. You can see the complete barrier system in this video.

• Removing old, ineffective insulation is a key part of the process for our work in any existing home. You can see in these videos the fast and efficient vacuum system we use to remove old fiberglass insulation from attics and basements.

• Any drywall which must be altered to access our work area will be replaced and returned to its original state before we call a job done. You can see the garage drywall removal and replacement work we did for a customer in over, MA.

Down To Work

• Now we get to do what we do best. Create an insulating barrier between the comfortable, controlled environment inside your home and the ever-changing temperatures outside it.

• One of our most used methods is spray foam insulation. Foam seals every crack and crevice, stopping drafts and thermal transfer. You can see the installation of our spray foam in a Reading, MA kitchen, or the finished result in this Wellesley, MA basement

• Spray foam isn’t the only tool in our kit. We offer a full range of insulation and ventilation options to create a comfortable home for you. We also offer fiberglass, as well as a range of eco-friendly options, such as this recycled denim.

• Even when you can’t be home, your project manager will share videos and pictures of the installation with you, so that you can see how we work inside your home.

• We’ll handle coordination with any other contractors involved in your home build or renovation ourselves. You should never have to manage professionals working in your home.

A Job Well Done

• When we’re finished with the installation, we’ll clean up after ourselves and even haul away all the old insulation. We repair and replace any drywall or other elements of your home, and leave your home just the way it was before. Except for your home being more comfortable and less costly to operate, you’ll never know we were there.

• After the work is done, even the paperwork is easy. Rather than waiting on a bill or writing a check, every part of our process is handled electronically, and we’ll be there to answer any questions you have. We do this to make sure that every step of the way is handled as quickly and easily as possible.

Learn all about
How home insulation works

Go from insulation geek to insulation guru. Knowledge is Power.

Einstein always said, make things as simple as possible, but not any simpler. Our goal with this section is to demystify insulation. To truly understand home insulation, it is critical to understand the fundamentals of heat transfer. We break this down in Insulation 101 and Insulation 102. Also we hope to continue to bring you more projects with Our Blog and Our Videos.

Research further

Why the Lab?

We named ourselves Mass Energy Lab Insulation because we realized that there is a gap in the insulation industry. A gap between the disciplines of physics and materials science and the construction industry. And that gap isn’t in a lab. It’s in the field, where the insulation is actually being installed. We have heard many roofing contractors talk incorrectly about “breathing roofs”, as well as many HVAC folks talk about “hot roofs” and attic ventilation in a manner that defies the laws of physics, just because it can be confusing. We see and hear highly suspect implementations and explanations of vapor barriers, water-resistant vs water-repellent, causes of ice dams, even the seemingly lowly water pipe insulation wraps. We believe our customers deserve real, science-backed explanations. After all, it’s your home.


We are on a mission to bridge this gap between science and construction installations. We follow physics first principles such as heat transfer and the laws of thermodynamics. We understand the chemistry involved and extrapolate it to your home’s benefit. All with good craftsmanship. We are on a mission to ensure that when we install insulation and ventilation solutions in your home, it always solves your problem, not causes more. Hey, we are a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company. What else did you expect ?